Management role & responsibility Audit point

Management role & responsibility Audit point

Management role & responsibility Audit point

  • Frequently management reviews are conducted?

  • All the management peoples are involved in management review meeting?

  • Is there management review meeting agenda are prepared for each review meeting?

  • Minutes of meeting / management review meetings recorded?

  • All possible activities / inputs are provided in each meeting?

  • Are there records specifically demonstrating that each input was provided and considered?

  • All previous pending meeting points / issues are reviewed in meeting? Its all are closed out?

  • Are there any instructions / guide for the action which is not taken or that have not been fully completed? What is procedure for it?

  • Who is responsible for making the recommendations? And how are those recommendations considered? Who decides which recommendations are accepted and which are rejected?

  • In the last three management reviews, what is specific decisions & action concern to improvement of the quality management system? & how where they implemented?

  • Is the special resources are provided by management for the improvement of quality management system or continual improvement in product / process?

  • All the implementations are verified? Who had done the verification?



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