Manual Audit summary document

Manual Audit summary document   Manual audit summary document establishment needs to ensure the manual for company to maintain standards are maintained & update in line with international standards requirements.   Manual audit summary document establishment are managed to conducting manual audit and its summary reporting to auditing manual that is main part of the … Read more

Non conformity action plan

Non conformity action plan   When the company follow international standards like ISO 9001, technical specification 16949 etc.. That required ensuring that internal system works as per standard requirements, all the required clauses are complied in internal system. For the assurance of the internal management system is compliance is internal audit can find out non … Read more

Internal audit non conformity followup checklist

Internal audit non conformity followup checklist   Internal audit non-conformity is coming from internal audit, once nonconformity is identified and recorded / documented, next processing of the nonconformity report and its corrective action request are raised in line with department, locations and level of nonconformity. On base of the nonconformity concern / responsible personnel are … Read more

Quality Plan Sheet

Quality Plan Sheet   Quality planning is the part of quality assurance & quality controlling for the maintaining quality product, quality plan is the pre check points & action that required as per product standards and specification. Quality plan sheet example format sheet given as below:   Process name – Name of the processes that … Read more

Audit Non conformance and corrective action

Audit Non conformance and corrective action   When the companies establish any internal management system that required to inspecting, auditing that system’s all the parts to ensure that the internal management system working on the tracks, in case any leakage found that auditing team raised non conformance as per the international standard which is company … Read more

Non Conforming material Form

Non Conforming material Form Non conforming material cause due to unwanted material sent by supplier, down from acceptable level of the material, material is not as per application requirements or general quality concern issues that nonconforming cause but its all for raw material and consumable goods, this format is also used when the customer return … Read more

Quality nonconformity report

Quality nonconformity report   An organization follow quality management system like ISO 9001, TS 16949 or any other ISO series that motive of maintain quality system in organization, quality management system’s basic requirements are continual improvement, for the continual improvement to maintain quality system that required monitoring and controls on the basic processes and its … Read more

Job order Audit checklist

Job order Audit checklist   How customer requirements are determine and communicate? Is there customer specific requirement (CSR) is available? All the requirements and communications are documented? Documentations, process information how used? Who used? Is there any requirements are not explained by customer, but it is necessary that these requirements importances are explained against customer? … Read more

Process Verification analysis

Process Verification analysis   In manufacturing unit, there are too many products & process may locate to finalize product through various processes, product future and it touching is depends on processes should be mistake proof, smooth and reliable, but how to know the processes are in manufacturing unit that’ll are reliable? The finest solution is … Read more

Process realization audit points

Process realization audit points For the ISO 9001 & TS 16949 requirements, process realization process checklist points for audit are as under: Are there sufficient instructions for operating machines and processes? Who decides and how whether work instructions shall be established for a given process/workshop? Are process parameters defined? Interaction with operators to ensure the … Read more