Process capability

Process capability The procedure process capability carry out to determine the processes are performing its natural variation, and capable to provide as customer specifications and technical needs. The process capability procedure is established and carry out to concern management can get actions on after ensure that whether process, given its natural variation, and it is … Read more

Pareto Analysis

Pareto Analysis – For Product rejection Analysis In this article we show how to use formal technique where potential ways of action are implementation as noticed, this graphical presentation focus on trigger problem which is possible to identify and controlling by deliver problem solution in line with causes. Here as you can see picture above, … Read more

6S checklist points

6S Checklist points   Whether all unwanted material removed from work area? (Workshop / Office / Tool Room) All available dustbins are cleaned and kept at defined/marked place?, Identification no are best practice for the dustbins, if possible to sequence the identifications are gives advantage for the monitoring. All office floors / plant’s office floor … Read more

Complaint register for laboratory

Complaint register for laboratory Laboratory is not a industrial type other unit that complains from customers having a huge parameters and other minor and major problems that are customer can understand reason is the all the works and on huge and engineering applications are very critical to fixing the issue without engineering concept, all the … Read more

Measurement System Analysis Plan

Measurement System Analysis Plan Before express information about Measurement system analysis let’s understand:   What is measurement System Analysis?   Measurement System Analysis is Study process that demonstrate conformity of product to ensue that results of the measurements are reliable and sufficiently accurate with a know degree of uncertainty.   What is required movement for … Read more

Statistical Process Control Planning

Statistical Process Control Planning Statistical process Control (SPC) planning is unique technique for the maintain product’s variables to ensure the customer’s requirement that best quality product are going to deliver. Through statistical process controls that possible to control of product & process variations & deviations.   As above picture you can see that there are … Read more

Special Characteristics Status Monitoring

Special Characteristics Status Monitoring   In production line, some product that need to monitoring, controlling the variation of product in various sizes in case of manufacturer, monitoring on production line is very critical job as well as need to patient for the product line’s data collection & analysis for the product that want to analysis, … Read more

Measuring instrument rejection report

Measuring instrument rejection report   When the calibration done on the base of the calibration calendar, rejected instruments need to identify and records should be maintain to avoid the use of the instrument that are not valid for use. During the calibration method are also very important to rejection are considerable or not, calibration process … Read more


SIPOC DIAGRAM: PROCESS MAPPING FORMAT   —————————————————————–x—————————————————————– Below  SIPOC diagram or Process Mapping is supporting to understand the process / product realization and basic concept of the process mapping to understand requirements of the quality management system, that ultimate goal is customer satisfactions, trainee can easier to understand by sipoc diagram or process mapping to … Read more

What is Continual Improvement?

What is Continual Improvement?  AND  What is different between Continual Improvement & Continuous Improvement? Continual Improvement is requirements of modern systems are focus on continual improvement instead of continuous improvements, continual improvement having great benefits to organization as awareness of company individuals. When we listening word improvement we are thinking about the people, products and … Read more