Fire Protection inspection checklist

Fire Protection inspection checklist


  1. Check whether work instruction / procedures / standard operating procedures are available? Peoples are trained for it? And deployed at plant?

  2. Is there fire fighters are identified? Fire brigade’s teams are properly trained? When last fire fighting training was conducted?

  3. Is there fire Mock drill is arranged in organization? How scheduled for work station wise? When last mock drill for fire is arranged?

  4. Is there all types of fire extinguishers are available with fire fighters? Fire fighters are trained for correct type of fire extinguisher for fire? Is there manuals / instruction are deployed at fire extinguishers are installed?

  5. Fire hoses are inspected by competent person? When is the frequency of inspection? When last inspected?

  6. Deployed each fire extinguisher should correct type and size to controlling on fire emergency.

  7. Fire equipment clearly marked?

  8. master control valves for sprinklers locked open & easily accessible

  9. Sprinkler heads have sufficient clearance from stacked materials or equipment?

  10. Is there any unsafe condition / unsafe behavior / unsafe activities are found? Note down if observed.

Fire Protection inspection checklist



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