Safety inspection Checklist Points for Store

Safety inspection Checklist Points for Materials Storage / Chemical Storage ( Store Department)

Safety inspection -ISO 14001/ohsas 18001

  • Do people wear appropriate PPE’s (safety Shoes, Helmet, Hand Gloves) during material (chemicals high flammable) loading / unloading activity?

  • Is there any proper arrangement for working on height in store room area, condition of ladders, tables or any other arrangement

  • Are there any Material Lying on work floor having a potential to harm ?

  •  Is there sufficient display / boards / signs / no smoking holdings (No smoking in storage area, Hazardous material, Isolated area, Danger etc.) for storage of material?

  • Is there separate place for Hazardous material & adequate display of signage/ warnings/ M.S.D.S.[ Material Safety Data Sheet] (If required)?

  • Is there adequate Nos. of Fire Extinguishers with operating condition? Peoples are aware use of fire extinguishers? How many peoples are trained for extinguish.

  •  Is there any oil leakage on floor? – Condition of floor should not be slippery.

  • Is there proper arrangement for disposal of solid waste, cotton waste, paint scale, rubber scrape, fiber scrape, contaminated oil & used grease?

  • Do people wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) ’s like safety Shoes, Hand gloves, and helmet during loading of scrap?

  • Is there any handling procedure for Highly combustible materials are properly identified

  • Is there any handling procedure for highly combustible materials are properly stored and handled.

  • employees within storage area are familiar with risks and precautions for handling materials

  • Hazardous material generation & disposal format / form to concern pollution control boards, permission for the disposal waste material. There are properly disposal or authorized person should be collect & disposal ( Person should be certified by government)

  • Properly inventory are maintained fro the high flammable, high combustible materials.

  • Is stamping & verification carried out for standard weights / Electronic weigh machines once in a year? Evidence?

  • Is Material lifting and transferring device or Lifts Examined once in last 6 months? Evidence?

  • Do people wear appropriate PPE ’s like safety Shoes, Hand gloves, and helmet during loading of scrap?

  • Is the material stored as defined location in scrap yard?

  • Is the material stored with in the confined boundaries only?

  • Is the scrap disposal carried out regularly?

  • Is the definite shelf life items are defined separately? Is first in first out is maintained for same?

  • M.S.D.S. [ Material Safety Data Sheet] of Hazardous material is a must. Handling, storage, Preservation, Fire Protection has to be in line with M.S.D.S.[ Material Safety Data Sheet]only.

  • Is there any Specific Objective for Dept? 

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