Machine guarding – Safety requirements

Machine guarding – Safety requirements    To prevent incidents during working on machine and equipment, needs to installation of machine guards at each rotating parts is basic safety requirements of health and safety system.   The OSHA (Occupational safety and heath administration) required guarding for each machine and equipment at rotating and transverse parts or … Read more

OSHA Plant audit and implementation

OSHA Plant audit and implementation OSHA plant audit process helps to identify environment and safety concern requirements and implementation in line with standards system. In the manufacturing and engineering units are dealing with heavy equipment, machinery and materials moving during the various processes as part of production, hence the processes are used hazardous chemicals and … Read more

Hand tool Inspection – Safety Requirements

Hand tool Inspection – Safety Requirements Hand tool inspection process is to ensure the hand tool used in the various processes and maintenance activities are properly inspected and maintained safety requirements. Hand tool is frequently used in manufacturing processes, electrical and maintenance activities to perform tasks and supporting to requirements of the activities are needed … Read more

Toolbox meeting record

Toolbox meeting record   What is toolbox meeting?   A Toolbox meeting is a group discussion of individual department’s peoples that discuss subjects on a particular issues concern safety.   Toolbox meeting is also called as safety toolbox talk meeting for the purpose of the maintain safety in the workplace, this can be open discussion … Read more

Hygiene monthly hazard inspection checklist

Hygiene monthly hazard inspection checklist   Hygiene inspection checklist is very important part of the OHSAS 18001 and OSHA concern, when the company follow the international standards that needs to compliance of each guideline and clauses that required fulfilling the concern issues of the employees’ health and safety, here some requirements are tried to merge … Read more

EHS Internal Audit

EHS Internal Audit: Environment Health & Safety (ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001)   EHS – Environment health and safety is integrated management system that according to international standards ISO 14001 (The International Organization for standardization) & OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series / System) helps to maintain consent requirements of government laws, regulatory … Read more

Lifting equipment survey sheet

Lifting equipment survey sheet   As per Environment health and safety system, lifting equipment should be recorded and calibrated to compliance of the requirements of the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Requirement of the lifting equipment survey that is the walk visual inspection that all the required parameter of the lifting equipment is being check. … Read more

Cylinder stock record sheet

Gas cylinder stock record Gas cylinder – under controlled of department – Gas cylinders stock and maintain responsibility details had taken by which department. Stock handing by  – Gas cylinder stock handing by name of the person, designation for records Stock for month and year – currently maintained stock record for which month and years, … Read more

Incident Report form

Incident Report form   Incident Report Number – Unique number for tracking each IRF# & Date Environmental Incident / Health and safety incident – Description of the accident / incident happen in industry that need to short description. For the primary understanding for the first view presentation is much important to go for quick analysis … Read more