Customer Instruction form

Customer Instruction form


Suppliers are always try to gives full satisfaction to customer that is the reason that all the internal system that concern with quality are depends on the levels of customer satisfaction, goal of the quality system is customer satisfaction, mostly industry are asking when any order generate by customer, what is the primary instructions for the material and process that produced material for customer’s application are match as requirements.

Customer instruction form are used as the supporting document for the produce material, this instruction note much help for the supplier which is manufacturing product, all the requirements are covered that is primary instruction notes can be used as the technical specific requirement, now the concepts are change that technical specific requirements are used in the some automotive industry that is directly concern with engineering product, but the other material requirements which is not concerning with engineering product that customer instruction form are used for the supporting document.

Some general things in the customer instruction are:

Setup: in the customer instruction note or form covered the customer specific requirements for the setup of the product, specification, and installation requirements. in the general terms of setup mean is end application requirements for the product or services to meet technical / specification and application requirements. In the setup is basically describe customer basic needs of custom setup, finished, and as per standards requirement.

In process inspection: Usually in-process inspection is necessary for manufacturer / supplier at its facility, but some time customers are also conduct in-process inspection, in those case customer and suppliers both are conducting join or individual inspection at it’s appropriate requirements, standard requirements and product specifications. When the customers are asking for in-process inspection that mean they will conduct the inspection at manufacturer premises as per standard, and or additional requirements for the specific product.

Final inspection: When any customer filled in the information of final inspection / or and specific requirement for the final inspection that manufacturer / supplier should conduct those instruction and carryout inspection accordingly. The customer instruction form and its related information provided by customers as technical sheet, specification requirement or any specific requirements for end application are needs to considered in this term.

Packaging: Mostly, customers are describing the packaging and its related standards and specific requirements are describing in customer instruction form, manufacturer / supplier should be verified the information describe in the form. In the packaging specific requirements are mostly views of safety of product and self-life.  Example, in case any steel pipe manufacturing unit is asking for packaging for special wooden case with fumigated wood, its indicate special requirement because generally wooden boxes are naturally common for all steel units.

Dispatch / Shipping: Shipping requirements from customers are most important for the manufacturer / supplier because the availability of the transportation, relation of customer with transportation, services and other so many factors that effect on the dispatch schedule, transportation, and customer satisfaction for delivery, hence it is important for the manufacturer / supplier, all the details received from customer should be verified and followed as indicate in customer instruction form.

Customer Instruction form

Basically, customer instruction form or note’s requirement to compliance of the requirements for the products is given below:

  1. Part Number / Name / Description
  2. Customer Number / Customer Name / Details of Customer
  3. Basic Product requirement
  4. Setup Requirements
  5. In Process inspection requirements
  6. Quality Requirements / Final inspection / Test certification
  7. Packing requirements
  8. Delivery / Shipping requirements

For the compliance of the requirements of industrial internal system, customer instruction note format or Customer instruction form are given for download in word document format, here is ready made format with below links are available for download:

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