Customer Satisfaction Ratio

Customer Satisfaction Ratio

When I was in class twelve, read the sentence that was “customer is king of market”, at the movement I was not well aware of the market & business but today not just understand but feel that really customer is king of market, all the business peoples are try in to provides best services and product to achieve full customer satisfaction due to hard competition in market, even international standards like ISO 9001, ISO/ TS 16949 are also focus on customer satisfaction, ISO/ TS are base requirement is customer satisfaction thought supplier chain updating by quality system.

What customers are expecting with supplier?

Major expectations from customers are as under:

1)     Quality Product

2)     Chip Price

3)     Short delivery

4)     After Sales service

5)     Accurate documents

All above expectations fulfill by any supplier that always win market, but to see present situation of market almost all suppliers are well aware & updated with latest technology, enhanced internal systems with required all the expectations are ready for gives to customers, now days customers are confuse to whom release order, reason is now days private companies are also making a tender system that inspire by government tendering system, reason is lowest rates can get from suppliers with remains all expectations are also provide along with.

After sales services, most supplier are alert for the capture market & maintain the customer list as well as suppliers are trying to increase the list of customers for the enhancement, suppliers are takes the feedback from customers by the sending hard copies of feedback for or softcopies with some basic questionnaires to understand, hearing complains, and other comments and suggestions for future business with customers.

Suppliers are provide blank format to customer for gives its value feedback in form that are some questions are ready for tick marking are basic and almost cover all the required information can help to improve internal system as well services in case of leakage found that inputs are from customer feedback form.

On base of customer feedback forms that collect by marketing department to correspond with customers, all the feedback forms are need to analysis that which customer, what services, where are weak behave with customer during last year. Feedback forms and its comments, suggestion and complains are most valuable, future business are depends on that feedback, actually its is “Chance to re-establish business” I will say, reason that some customer are not satisfy with previous supply but they never ask for the improvement by comes on front, but if supplier send the feedback form that all the negative matters are happen with them are expose in feedback form, so overall feedback form gives an advantage to reestablish business without zero complains but its all are supplier duty to maintain the business after feedback are comes negatives.

All feedback forms are collects and need to analysis for the find out customer satisfaction ratio for understand which customer are feel trouble in previous supply, for the customer satisfaction ratio, see picture below:

 Customer Satisfaction Ratio

In Above Picture you can see which customer are really satisfied and which is having a problem with on which part, as consider the key parameters are given in column as against marks are given by customers as our business supply and service are provided. You can see customer-8 is given good marks that is 93 out of 100 is good but you also can see in which part are still having a trouble?  Found as see picture below Customer wise Satisfaction Ratio (Year 2014-2015):

 Customer wise Satisfaction Ratio Graph

See Picture below – Key Parameters or Questionnaires wise Ratio (Year 2014 -2015), FIVE) Accommodating amendments regarding product quality quantity and delivery schedule including urgent requirement – given 07 marks out of 10 marks, now you get the idea what in customer mind, they had trouble for the product quality and may possible delivery schedule had not maintained during past year that is the reason that customer had given low marks in that field. Now you have chance to improvement in that particular field for next year achieves more marks that indicate customer satisfaction.

 key performance / reason wise satisfaction Ratio Graph

Information of the above are gives a full understanding that customers are expecting to improve, but customer never comes to you for the complains, suggestions and comments, but next order will be not for you remember that, customers always state approach with customers gives them all above given six expectations and win order, that solve.  There no feelings, no request, no commitments are help for the win order keep in mind.

Above whole exercise are help for the analysis to get the orders and maintain good relates with customers, but just analysis are not enough, supplier learn from that exercise are done on base of previous year & keep hard work for improve that parts are found weak that is all comes from feedback forms.

If you really like to this format and you really want to work out that, you can download format in excel sheet as below:

 ———————————————– Download  ———————————————–


Customer Satisfaction Ration Format in Excel Sheet


Download Free Customer Satisfaction Ratio format in JPEG/PDF/ Excel Sheet

 ———————————————– Download  ———————————————–

In case of you want to customer satisfaction form that also available for download you can down form as below:


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