Electrical Audit checklist

Electrical Audit checklist

  1. Whether the preventive maintenance schedule for electrical equipment / machinery for current year?

  2. Is there schedules are maintained? How the schedules are covered department wise / machine wise maintenance?

  3. How many transformers are in company? Is the checked daily one by one?

  4. How many generators are installed in company? How frequency of the checking is scheduled? It’s checked once time in day / hourly or monthly?

  5. Is there safety precautions are displayed at machinery / equipment or other electrical shot circuit or flammable circuit?

  6. Is the loose wiring / wall wiring found during the audit? What electrical engineers are answered for the loose wiring?

  7. Is there motors / pump sets / electrical devices / equipments are listed?

  8. Is there any hindrance against or any obstacle between switches for controls?

  9. Does electrical engineers / peoples are used standard tools?

  10. Does electrical engineering / technicians are takes work permit for working on height?

  11. What are the procedures/ instructions for the power cuts at time of maintenance? Is there any sign for the power cut at time of maintenance of machine / equipment or any device? All the electrical people are aware for the procedures / instruction?

  12. What is frequency of the earth pitting? Earth pitting list are prepared & update? What is the frequency of inspection of earth pitting?

  13. Is the earthling pits and transformer oil are checked with predefined frequency as per requirements corresponding rules?

  14. Do you have the department specific Objective? Same is monitored regularly as per predefined frequency? Is it known to personnel working with department?

  15. Is the Energy audit is carried out as per rules laid down?

  16. Whether actions are initiated in accordance with suggestions made in Reports?

Electrical Audit checklist


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