GAP Analysis for manufacturing process

GAP Analysis for manufacturing process

 GAP Analysis for manufacturing process

As see above picture for the gap analysis are created for the find out the gap of the process of manufacturing, during manufacturing some gapes are raised loss of manufacturing total costing are increase as result company bear losses that losses are need to identify and need to eliminate from the manufacturing processes. Manufacturing process and its gaps are find out from against processing capacity per hours against actual done during manufacturing process are gaps are founds.

This gap analysis can possible to find out for the workshop center for any particular size with reference sizes to quantification and its analysis can possible find out. Due to this format analysis of the gaping are possible to enable the analysis process, due to this format management can find out reason, troubles and possible cause are can identify and corrective actions to eliminate causes.

GAP Quantification, finds the for reference sizes which is base unit to identification which run in work center, capacity unit per hours against actual unit per hours are gives the calculation minus from capacity unit per hours to found gap quantification, for the gap quantification gives the reasons of the gapes are done due to numbers of reasons, management try to reduce gap of the gap quantification as possible in manufacturing unit to utilization of the machine as well as work center.

Machine Utilization / OEE (overall equipment efficiency) is all are depends of the analysis and corrective actions to improvement increase the utilization of the machine for the increase productivity of machine as well as humans too.  In this case this kinds of analysis are helpful to increase machine utilization / OEE of machine, when gap quantification reduce, OEE / Machine utilization is automatically increase.


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