Inspection & Testing Audit points

Inspection & Testing Audit points

quality audit checklist points

  • All Product and process verification activities are defined?  How its all done with drawing, procedures, control plants, specifications?

  • Which method is used for measurements & Analysis?  Are there work instructions, procedures, standards methods are effective?

  • Are there any special techniques like a SPC – Statistical process controls, sampling plants for inspections, Measurement system analysis?

  • Is there method to verifying in process & final inspection parameters?

  • Are there all inspection / testing / investigations/ sampling’s methods and acceptance criteria documented?

  • Whether inspection / testing / quality checking personnel are qualified? They are trained for it?

  • Are all specified process monitoring activities implemented?

  • Are all inspection, testing and process monitoring activities and their results recorded?

  • Is the identity of the inspecting / testing / Quality checking personnel recorded?

  • Select a sample of production & quality control records and verify that the whole quality plan was implemented and the results recorded.

  • Which are parameters / criteria or system that identifies the final product? Is there methods of verifications are defined?  Recorded? How identify semi finish product & finish products?

  • How to determine Quality assurance plan is on tracks? Is the method to verification?

  • Is it determined what monitoring and measuring shall be undertaken to verify product conformity and what measuring devices are needed?

  • All measuring devices had unique identification numbers? Is there calibrated devices had labeled for calibration done?

  • Are measuring devices selected on the basis of the monitoring & measurement requirements?  

  • Measuring device operators and quality inspectors are competent for the used of measuring devices or inspection through measuring instruments?

  • Whether all measuring instrument / measuring equipments are calibrated? Is there calibration records are available? Who? And how the calibration records are verified?

  • Whether all measuring instrument / measuring equipments certifications are available? Is the conducted as per standards? Calibration process had maintained frequency?



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