Quality audit point for Material delivery

Quality audit point for Material delivery

Quality audit point for Material delivery

  • Check the material delivery related activities:

  1. Material Packing & Concern documents

  2. Material Shipping / Dispatch orders

  3. Delivery

  4. Installation ( optional)

  • Check all activities as above, each activity wise procedures, work instructions, training and concern documentations are maintained?

  • Check the material dispatching department peoples are in organization chart? Same are responsibilities and authorities are defined in line with organization chart?

  • Check packaging methods are the work instructions for standard packing being followed?

  • Are there documented packaging specifications? Are packaging materials and processes controlled?

  • Investigate if the customer complaint has recorded to concern packaging, safety issues due to packaging or concern complained?

  • Check the records of purchase, packaging material are purchased & storage as specifications is defined for the packaging?

  • Is there customer delivery requirements, delivery schedules and feedback are fulfilled to concern the delivery?

  • Check all the packed / ready for the dispatch material’s packing is labeled by QC PASS or INSPECTION ACCEPTANCE BY QUALITY DEPARTMENT?



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