Preventive Action report

Preventive Action report

 corrective preventive action report sample

Non conformity cause the corrective action that need to preventive action against the non conformity found in area, areas can be product non conformity or process non conformity, preventive actions are taken for the avoid repetition of non conformity in product or process that violate requirements and requirements of parameter that expected.

Preventive action is must important subject to concern corrective actions and non conformity, actions that taken as corrective are solve immediate actions for the correction of the process or product needs, but preventive actions is supposed to requirements of the process and product by customer expectation to chain requirement and its processes keep the tracking without any trouble, due to non conformity all the schedules can be take a long time for the corrective actions and elimination of the non match subject. Required field for the preventive actions are as under;

  1. Preventive action Project name
  2. starting date of the project
  3. Name of the leader who lead the project
  4. identification of problem
  5. evaluation of problem & action
  6. Investigation & root cause analysis
  7.  corrective root cause
  8. result of action plan
  9. follow up
  10. effectiveness verification

Some important points that used in preventive action report to ensure the system will be smooth and not repeated any such case by cause of previous activities or objects.


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