Planning and Objectives audit checklist points

Planning and Objectives audit checklist points

Planning and Objectives audit checklist points


  • Area there process map is established to compliance of requirement for the processes – interactions and sequence for quality management system.

  • Is the Process map is covered each process its interactions and sequences to determine process map comply the each stage of the process?

  • Is there operational procedures are established, criteria & methods for the operational & controls are well defined to comply the requirements of quality management system and its processes.

  • Is there required resources are provided by management? Each process stages are separate resources are defined?

  • Internal Audit, Customer satisfaction and manufacturing process performance are quality systems processes monitored & measured?

  • Is the quality system being continually improved?

  • All the outputs of subcontract processes are effective? Is there effectiveness is verified? Which methods are in used for verification?

  • All subcontractors and suppliers are established and maintain quality management system? Its there chain of quality management system is established?

  • Do workmen / employees understand the consequences of failing to meet requirements?

  • Is there quality policy are deployed? Peoples are aware about quality policy?

  • Are quality objectives defined?

  • Are adequate resources necessary for the quality system provided?

  • What measures are defined, established, implemented to ensure the customer requirements are determined & it met process, procedures, training and monitoring?

  • Does it include explicit commitment to comply with requirements and continually improve the quality system? Is it related to quality objectives?

  • Is the quality policy periodically reviewed for continuing suitability?

  • How many objectives are established? Are they measurable?

  • Is how to measure progress defined and who is responsible for doing this?

  • Is anyone responsible for implementation of the objectives? What happens when an objective is achieved?

  • How is the quality system planned and by whom?

  • How the plan is documented? Is there documented procedures are defined?

  • What is method, process of changes and changes are implemented? Is there an evaluation of the impact of the change on the quality management system?

  • Is there specific, organizational responsibilities and authority defined? Same are organization chart is maintained?

  • Responsibility to met process to quality system is cleared decided?

  • For the operational procedures / work instructions performance activities – responsibilities are defined?

  • Is the appointment / letter / format is available? All the letters / formats are documented?

  • Are responsibilities and authorities of the representative defined?

  • Does the representative have sufficient authority to ensure that quality system is established, implemented and maintained?

  • What evidence is there that the representative reports to top management on the performance of the quality system? Is there management reviews meeting recorded?

  • What examples are there of the representative promoting awareness of customer satisfaction?



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