Inventory management audit checklist points

Inventory management audit checklist points

Inventory management audit checklist points

  • At warehouse / storage areas are well designed? It’s designed for particular product wise?

  • Are the products are kept covered? Boxes, bags, bins or any other protective packing materials on material?

  • Each product has any specific unique numbers for identification and traceability?

  • Is there color code is applicable for product? If yes it that for each products? Check visually having on each product?

  • Is there product that required any special condition for storage? Like required minimum / maximum temperature.

  • How are theses conditions ensured?

  • Product wise records are maintained? Stocks are properly counted for the each rack / pack etc..?

  • Is there any product having a limited shelf life? Each product that managed as per self life? Out put affect of product of shelf life? Which method is used for the input / out put material?

  • Is there a risk of cross-contamination? How is it managed?

  • Is there specific management system? How their management system is maintained?

  • Look for misplaced product, product taken out of packaging, unused product returned to storage, product returned, product intermingled with other unrelated product, etc. Test the accuracy of the inventory management system. Always keep an eye on damaged and deteriorated product.

  • Is the evidence of the resolution / documentation issue?

  • Ever non conformity noted in inventory / storage system?

  • Whether register / log book or any documents are maintained for losses of material, damage?




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