Team Feasibility Commitments, Why it is important?

Team Feasibility Commitments, why it is important?

 Team Feasibility Commitments

What is team feasibility commitments?

Team feasibility commitment is process to ensure the future project will be performing as expectation of plan and it’s will be outputs. Process will identify elements of design, planning, process and possible outcomes, and analyze collected information with customers as well project base requirements. The final report of analysis of this whole processes are team feasibility commitments.

Overview to team feasibility commitments

In any engineering organization is almost depends on design structure with micro level data analysis such as statistical process controls, and measuring system analysis. In case any defect occurs during the design phase, and almost all stages are passed for finalization that whole project can be fail due to minor defects.

To consider this serious attentions, management are takes the response of the team peoples. Team members will give commit on about information of the present situations. All the questions are very important for the management decisions, hence team must aware to management for the future decisions. The project future is depending on decisions; it will drop the project or keep continue.

What things are making team feasibility commitment important?

Team Probability commitments are measure the elements of design, process and its results, and put its results against the management. So that the specifications of the project and the prediction of future business information can be managed by the administrator. Team feasibility commitments taken place in the top priority before project.

The team feasibility commitment is done before the project starting with specific elements, and same can be apply also in end of the project. The team define the customer specific requirements, future design and product requirements to ensure success of the project. The project with design & product related commitments are involves to respect specific customer’s requirements.

Elements or key questions of team feasibility commitment

These process is conduct with some specific questions that are almost general for the all organizations. Which are used requirements in line with designing & product criteria. You can put this questions on paper with little changes, as require for your applications and customer’s specific requirements:

Points that need to agreed or disagreed for further analysis and actions.

  • Product is defined as per applications’ requirements to enable for evaluation?
  • In the specification documents that provided, and are met the requirements of engineering specifications?
  • In the drawing all the specific product and Process tolerances are defined, all are met it specifically?
  • Product designed & manufactured to Consider the Cpk’s Chart, that meet required criteria?
  • Produced product & its capacity are there adequate? need any adequate to meet close tolerances to further changes required?
  • Are there all the material handling techniques are covered in design?
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) is require for this product? – if yes that effectively implement? is there any mistake or doubt in SPC Data?

All above questions are general that used for any company or organization for the increase the quality of the product and design to reflect the costing & efficiency of the machines.


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