Training needs analysis

Training needs analysis

Training needs analysis

New Concept are entered in organization for the  workmen wise training needs analysis & identifications for the requirements of the further training individually, organization’s human resource department and department head are jointly review the training records for the individually workman all the concern data of the training, interact with individual person / workman for the interview & identify and further training required or not with the requirements of the machine operating or any other operation’s requirements.

Training needs analysis basic is initial training, on job trainings & machine concern training that operating and other manual requirements of the quality concern. All the training records are individually checkout by the department to personal improvement of workman, records that are incomplete mean training is not given due to some reason at the movements training are arrange for the remain all workman.

Quality, health & safety, environment issues, consents requirements, machine operating and operations are need to training for the awareness and individual involvement on the subjects of the requirements.

Job satisfactory of the workmen are also most important as single side of coin, employee motivations and skill developments are also need to consider in the training needs analysis, matter that very serious in case of the motivation by management are improper or unbalanced, skill developments and personnel improvement are at place against improvement of company growth. Employment personal skill development, safe confidence, personal improvements are gives gain of company.

For the requirements of the training and internal format system, here ready made training needs analysis sample format available for download:


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