Budget of Training Program / Time (Hours)

Budget of Training program / Time ( Hours)

 Budget of Training time

Human resource department / Personal Department provides the specific requirements of training through create some documents and analysis like training calendar, training needs identifications etc.. On base of the yearly schedule of the training primary requirement to arrange the budget the time for trainings as specified cosignatories & requirements of locations.

Budget of training time is preferable in hours wise for easier to conducting as well as accounting purpose and same can need to measurements should be specific for comfortable for concern. All the required trainings are defined as department wise & designations wise and also can possible to define location wise.

Budget of training time format, also requirement of format is mentioned details of actual implementations and percentage of implementation to compare & analysis for differences in time schedules. In format you can see as above picture, there are four quarter wise distributed that reason is in which quarter given best performance & which is lower to identify leak of further actions for future graphics.


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