EHS implementation and operation control

EHS implementation and operation control The purpose of procedure establishment is to ensure that hazardous materials & activities are identified associated with workplaces and required operational controls are defined. This procedure should be apply to all those operations, machinery, equipment, activities conducting in workplaces and various locations, procured materials and goods, third party services, contractors … Read more

Identification of ongoing environmental aspects

Identification of ongoing environmental aspects   The purpose of this document is to ensure that all aspects arising in the future from new processes established in workplaces are identified for minimize environmental aspects.   In the OSHA / ISO 14001 management systems are recommend to implement the proper system to easier for identification of environmental … Read more

Environmental review meeting

Environmental review meeting   The purpose of environmental review meeting is to ensure that effectiveness & appropriateness of environmental management system is reviewed at planned periods.   The objective for establishment of environmental review meeting is to implement effective environmental management system in organized by reviews current system conditions, suitability and effectiveness verification through document, … Read more

Environmental documents

Environmental documents Environmental documents describe environmental planning, schedule and programs to improve environmental safety & compliance.   Environmental documents are used in the organization to managing environmental concern planning and scheduling for improvement of safety and environmental issues due to manufacturing and some supporting processes that directly or indirectly raise environmental issues that needs to … Read more

Evaluation of legal compliance process

Evaluation of legal compliance process   Evaluation of legal compliance process is established to managing legal requirements in the processes and evaluate as per standard processes for compliance in system.   Evaluation of legal compliance process is established by legal department to managing all the legal concern requirements in the regular processes as per government … Read more

OHS Induction checklist

OHS Induction checklist To identify condition of department, preparedness of emergency, health and safety, training program and awareness of ohs role in company’s daily activities in working environment. All personnel recruited / transferred with the department to department or organization are to be trained in the use and objectives of the OHS / OSHA that … Read more

EHS Internal Audit

EHS Internal Audit: Environment Health & Safety (ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001)   EHS – Environment health and safety is integrated management system that according to international standards ISO 14001 (The International Organization for standardization) & OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series / System) helps to maintain consent requirements of government laws, regulatory … Read more

Non conformity action plan

Non conformity action plan   When the company follow international standards like ISO 9001, technical specification 16949 etc.. That required ensuring that internal system works as per standard requirements, all the required clauses are complied in internal system. For the assurance of the internal management system is compliance is internal audit can find out non … Read more

Checklist for Management representative

Checklist for Management representative   How audit plan is prepared? It is quarterly, half yearly or yearly?  How frequency of the audit is defined? Whether audit plan is cover all departments and scope requirements? Is there internal qualified auditor’s list are available? How to measure all the auditors are qualified? Is there evidence? Is there … Read more

Hazardous area identification for employee health checkup

Hazardous area identification for employee health checkup   Manufacturing industry requirements are identification of the hazardous area and risk assessment which by hazard identified in area for the employee health and safety concern. Areas that work environment is very hazardous that company required to take on level of high risk to minimize risk and optimize … Read more