Laboratory testing scope

Laboratory testing scope The laboratory testing scope manages to identify scope of testing to considering range and availability of equipment with laboratory. The management defines testing scope to considering requirements of samples and its technical sheet descriptions.  The laboratory testing scope is manage and implement by laboratory manager to verify the general requirements of samples, … Read more

Annual laboratory testing plan

Annual laboratory testing plan Annual laboratory testing plan establishment needs to maintain testing requirements, verification and implementation of devices used in laboratory. The laboratory is maintaining the standards requirements of activities to sustain the basic standard system and its requirements, for the standards and implementation management system in laboratory needs to conducting each activity as … Read more

Laboratory testing process

Laboratory testing process   Laboratory testing process manages to ensure the specification, standards & product technical requirements to handling samples for laboratory testing.   Laboratory testing process establishment needs to ensure that the product general requirements, product technical and standard requirements and specifications of product & quality of product by handling samples in laboratory testing … Read more

How to maintain measuring equipment

How to maintain measuring equipment   This guidelines helps to establish proper process to distribute responsibilities & fulfill requirements for calibration, identification and maintenance of measuring equipment and test devices which is used in measuring products, manufacturing, testing and inspection processes. This process covered the measuring equipment, instruments and devices which is used in the … Read more

How to write a test report

How to write a test report   Lean how to write a test report to deliver results of the material tested as per standard and specific requirements of material for customers.   This process will be learn & guide for the preparation of the testing process, controlling, handling of testing samples, what issues can be … Read more

Laboratory Equipment Inventory Form

Laboratory Equipment Inventory Form   Unit Name  & location / Area name Equipment Owner Name & Designation Equipment ID – Identification number of Equipment Serial number – Serial number of the equipment which May unique identification number of the equipment. Make – Name of the manufacturing company who made this equipment, on base of the … Read more

Qualification criteria verification record sheet

Qualification criteria verification record sheet   Manufacturing units are always need to care of the processes and its concern activities should be mistake proof, qualified and verified to ensure product quality will be comply requirements of application. Customers are expecting from supplier are processing the material to considering its requirements, mostly some customer specific requirements … Read more

Supplier performance card

Supplier performance card “Customers are king of market” this evergreen sentence never became fall till market is available. Customer are always expecting more & more from supplier that can be lower price or quality and on base of the performance of supplier, customer are takes the actions for the purchasing materials form well know supplier … Read more

Product deviation report

Product deviation report   Product here mean product and services that customers are dissatisfied due to product or service not comply customer’s application requirement cause customers are complain for the product non conformity, those requirements and deviation notes are customer raised against supplier. Product or services non conformity, requirements of application not fulfillment report send … Read more

Annual Training Calendar

Annual Training Calendar Annually training schedules are prepared by human resource department for various department people to improvement; it is advance plan or schedule for the year that in identified needs of training individually as well as during the previous year requirements of the company to consider all concern subjects, annual training calendar is prepared … Read more