Emergency Preparedness Checklist points

 Emergency Preparedness Checklist points

Safety inspection checklist points for Emergency Plan

  1. Do people aware about Emergency Preparedness Plan? Emergency preparedness on Fire, earthquake, cyclone or any other emergency etc.?

  2. Compliance with applicable documented codes? E.g. Siren codification, signage etc.

  3. Do people aware about Evacuation plan? – Clean, easier for understand maps, ways for evacuation plan should be indicate with special.

  4. Do people aware about Emergency contact Nos., Assembly Points, Codification of siren, Emergency exit?

  5. Do people aware about significant Hazards related to own work area – is there any control measures are available?

  6. Do people know their role & responsibility during any Emergency?

  7. Do people trained to follow emergency?

  8. People aware of locations of first aid boxes within nearest area?, Telephone numbers, hospital numbers are deployed at general ways?

  9. Trained Peoples know the nearest hospitals & numbers, medical in charge telephone numbers, ambulance driver’s numbers?

  10. General communications – Trained Peoples test the emergency situations through mock drills, is there records of mock drills are available?

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