capa audit checklist




  • Is a documented procedure for Corrective Actions preventive action  available?

  • Is a Corrective action & preventive action  prepared for any non conformity detected? 

  • Is the Corrective action  reviewed to find the root cause of the problem & same preventive actions are taken any in line with root cause found? 

  • Are proposed corrective actions  & preventive Actions reviewed and approved by the concerned managers / authority? 

  • Is the corrective action & Preventive actions time bound and its implementation monitored? 

  • Is a Corrective action Preventive action log / register maintained to follow up the status of Corrective actions? 

  • Are Corrective actions closed after verifying the effectiveness of the corrective action & is there any preventive actions are taken to minimize impacts? 

  • Does the Corrective action form provide objective evidence of the verification of the corrective action? Is there Preventive Action are taken in place? 

  • Are copies of closed Corrective actions & preventive Actions distributed to all concerned parties?

  • Is the Corrective action log / register updated to show the status of open / closed Corrective actions? Along with preventive Actions Status are in line with requirements of corrections?


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