equipment checklist – iso 17025 clause no 5.5

Equipment checklist – ISO 17025 clause no 5.5

equipment checklist ISO 17025 Clause No 5.5


  • Is the laboratory  adequately equipped?

  • Are all the equipment is calibrated and calibration status are documented, recorded & controlled?

  • Equipment unique number is displayed on the equipment? and same will be mentioned in equipment list?

  • Are Authorized persons operating the equipment? authorized persons are competence? qualified persons list & evidence are available with laboratory?

  • Is there an Instrument Operating Procedure available for each equipment?  and same will be displayed at each working / testing / analysis areas?

  • Are records for each equipment and software is maintained? each equipment’s software licences data & concern information are available with laboratory?

  • Is there a procedure to identify and prevent use of defective equipment?

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