Internal Audit Checklist for Marketing

QMS : internal audit report General Questionnaire /Internal Audit Checklist for Marketing

Internal Audit for Marketing

  1. How are customer enquirers reviewed to ensure feasibility to manufacture?
  2. How are requirements studied & offer sent to customer? Does the offer cover all technical specification requirements of customer?
  3. Incase of order received are those compared with quotations for technical & commercial aspects?
  4. Is list of standards/ customer spec. available to review technical requirements?
  5. Is list of approve PPAP available?
  6. Are customer specific QMS requirements reviewed?
  7. Is compliance with those evident?
  8. In case of new product development is team feasibility reviews evident prior to order acceptance?
  9. How is level of customer satisfaction determined? What is current status? Are actions identified initiated to improve level of customer satisfaction?
  10. Is in-house system for monitoring premium freight evident? Are reasons for the same identification?
  11. Are effort initiated to reduce premium freight


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