Ventilation inspection checklist

Ventilation inspection checklist


  1. Are there area of workshop, maintenance, quality, laboratory, storage etc.. Adequate ventilation is provided? Air should be clean & natural to easier for inhale.

  2. Check where adequate air supplier is available at all areas of the department, room, corners or mostly working areas in rooms?

  3. Whether air flow diagram is drawn & displayed in respective area? Air flow diagram is verified & approved by qualified, authority persons?

  4. Whether ambient air quality or air count has been checked frequently in critical / high risk area? What is the frequency of ambient air quality checking? Is there qualified persons checking and reporting?

  5. Whether air used for process is of good quality? How to ensure the air quality is good? How to measure? Is there all the measurements are controlled?

  6. Whether in chemical plant are used the scrubber? Scrubber is working properly? Around the plant area air quality is measured? What is last report result?


Ventilation inspection checklist

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