Tool maintenance – Importance of maintaining tools

Tool maintenance¬†– Importance of maintaining tools The purpose of the procedure is to provide process guidelines for maintenance, tool identification, storage and preventive maintenance of tool. The tool maintenance procedure is implementing by maintenance management to enhancement of productivity, reliability of tools, and efficiency of related engineers managed tool maintenance activities. The tool maintenance procedure … Read more

Tool Inspection Report

Tool Inspection Report Tools is the basic required part for manufacturing processes, machine and equipments that need to care of it to eliminated breaks in the production line, tool is parts that need to inspect as required frequency, some companies are weekly or monthly scheduling inspection of each tool in used in company to ensure … Read more

Hoist Inspection Checklist

Hoist Inspection Checklist Now days, hoist is base requirement if the industry are manufacturing or used heavy machine at plant, movement of material or machinery or any thing that possible with hoist. Overhead crane equipment is used mostly in industry for the material movements as easy working flow. Hoist is the mechanism that required timely … Read more

Production floor plan checklist points

PRODUCTION – FLOOR PLAN CHECKLIST POINTS General Points: Does the floor plan identify all required process and inspection points? Have clearly marked areas for all material, tools, and equipment at each operation been considered? Has sufficient space been allocated for all equipment? Are process and inspection areas:   ¬†Of adequate size? Properly lighted? Do inspection … Read more


PROCESS FLOW CHART CHECKLIST POINTS Does the flow chart illustrate the sequence of production and inspection stations? Were all appropriate FMEA’s (SFMEA, DFMEA) available and used as aids to develop the process flow chart? Is the flow chart keyed to product and process checks in the control plan? Does the flow chart describe how the … Read more

Product/Process Quality Checklist points

PRODUCT/PROCESS QUALITY CHECKLIST POINTS General Questions: Is the assistance of the customer’s quality assurance or product engineering activity needed to develop or concur to the control plan? Has the supplier identified who will be the quality liaison with the customer? Has the supplier identified who will be the quality liaison with its suppliers? Has the … Read more


NEW EQUIPMENT, TOOLING, AND TEST EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST POINTS Does the design require: New materials? Quick change? Volume fluctuations? Mistake proofing? Have lists been prepared identifying: New equipment? New tooling? New test equipment? Has acceptance criteria been agreed upon for: New equipment? New tooling? New test equipment? Will a preliminary capability study be conducted at the … Read more