Fire drill and evacuation management

Fire drill and evacuation management Fire drill & evacuation management established to ensure that the fire equipment, fire safety system and fire safety related provided training are sufficient for workplace safety against fire incident occurred. Fire drill and evacuation both are processes which is interconnected and perform during drill of fire concern, the fire drill … Read more

EHS implementation and operation control

EHS implementation and operation control The purpose of procedure establishment is to ensure that hazardous materials & activities are identified associated with workplaces and required operational controls are defined. This procedure should be apply to all those operations, machinery, equipment, activities conducting in workplaces and various locations, procured materials and goods, third party services, contractors … Read more

How to implement hearing conversation program

How to implement hearing conversation program The procedure purpose to establish policy on hearing conservation is to establish requirements and processes that will reduce risk of permanent impairment from exposure to hazardous levels of noise. The purpose of the establishment of policy that helps to improvement in reduction of hazardous level of noise in workplaces … Read more

Near miss investigation

Near miss investigation The process implies to all near miss incidents happens at workplaces related to environment, health and safety or dealing with actual & potential nonconformity. The near miss investigation procedure / process is applied or implies to all near miss incidents occurred in various workplaces in organization, related to EMS ( Environment, Health … Read more

Environmental review meeting

Environmental review meeting   The purpose of environmental review meeting is to ensure that effectiveness & appropriateness of environmental management system is reviewed at planned periods.   The objective for establishment of environmental review meeting is to implement effective environmental management system in organized by reviews current system conditions, suitability and effectiveness verification through document, … Read more

Fire extinguisher training quiz

Fire extinguisher training quiz   Fire extinguisher training quiz is conducted for verification of fire extinguisher safety training to evaluate effectiveness of training.   Fire extinguisher training quiz conduct to verification of the training provided for managing safety against fire at various places of organization, hence the fire extinguisher used, and the fire safety concern … Read more

How to audit effluent treatment plant

How to audit effluent treatment plant   Effluent treatment plant audit conducted to verify processes to ensure effluent treatment, sewage, and water management and disposal process correctly.   Effluent treatment plant is important part of manufacturing unit that should be managed and implementation need very seriously, effluent treatment plant shortly called “ETP” is very important … Read more

Environmental documents

Environmental documents Environmental documents describe environmental planning, schedule and programs to improve environmental safety & compliance.   Environmental documents are used in the organization to managing environmental concern planning and scheduling for improvement of safety and environmental issues due to manufacturing and some supporting processes that directly or indirectly raise environmental issues that needs to … Read more

Environmental announcement

Environmental announcement   Environmental announcement is statement or massage about environment concern issues, declaration or improvement to all peoples of organization.   Environmental announcement is process that conducted for addressing and declaration of environment concern issues that happened in the organization, declaration or massages for any requirements or resources change or any improvement to addressing … Read more