Calibration Checklist format

Calibration Checklist format Whether list of equipment and its individual calibration records has been updated? Whether the equipment are calibrated in the operating range, what is the operating range for the each equipment, check for all the calibration certificates? Whether the calibration schedule has been updated? Schedule has maintained as per frequency? Where equipment has … Read more

Measure equipment information form

Measure equipment information form   When any measurement equipment / device / instrument are procure that need to timely calibration and checking to identify any fault after some time, when the used of the equipment / devices are vast that need to frequently calibration, inspection to repair or recalibration the equipment / device for the … Read more

Annual Training Calendar

Annual Training Calendar Annually training schedules are prepared by human resource department for various department people to improvement; it is advance plan or schedule for the year that in identified needs of training individually as well as during the previous year requirements of the company to consider all concern subjects, annual training calendar is prepared … Read more

Responsibility matrix

Responsibility matrix International Standard ISO 9001: 2008 according clause wise –responsibility areas are defined for assign responsibility as directions of company organization chart, company are assign responsibility to maintain quality management system like ISO 9001, TS 16949 etc.., this distributions of the responsibility table called responsibility matrix to acknowledge to all concern parties to system … Read more

Dimensional inspection Report

Dimensional inspection Report   Dimensional inspection is one kind of sample testing that concentrate on dimensions of the material and dimensional tolerance as defined as criteria of acceptance.   Dimensional inspection reports are generate for the sample testing on various level that can be basic samples testing of dimension, in between randomly taken samples from … Read more

Measuring instrument / gauge rejection report

Measuring instrument / gauge rejection report   For testing instrument and gauges calibration is primary requirement periodically, during the calibration process some measuring instrument and gauges found faulty that immediately its should be remove from the instrument used and same will be report for the rejection note to confirm the measuring instrument or gauges are … Read more

Departmental Data summary report

Departmental Data summary report   An organization follow multiple international standard systems that difficult to monitor each system had well follows by department, each department is valuable activities are corporate with standards that follows by company & same department activities can reflect conformity of standards requirements. To compliance of all the standards requirements are need … Read more

Supplier Audit Checklist

Supplier Audit Checklist   International Standards ISO 9001 gives the guideline to improve quality in working environment as well as quality product to enhance customer satisfactions. ISO 9001 that is quality management system, probably focus on quality management to improve continues improvement in quality management include quality products, quality product through customer satisfaction, off course … Read more

Internal Rejection format

Internal Rejection format Internal rejection Format is used for the monitoring and controls to reject material during manufacturing various processes, same will be enabling to monitor & calculate reworks and scrape for the particular customer and against order no. Internal rejection summary that is internal rejection format can also used to PPM (Part per Million) … Read more

Internal Audit Notification format

Internal Audit Notification format   Format of internal audit notification is pre-meeting letter to acknowledge, information & communication method to be prepare for the upcoming event. In internal audit notification format the entire audit functions to be covered, in case of leak any function, area are involved through discussions during the internal audit pre-meeting. Purpose … Read more