Calibration Checklist format

Calibration Checklist format

Calibration Checklist

  • Whether list of equipment and its individual calibration records has been updated?

  • Whether the equipment are calibrated in the operating range, what is the operating range for the each equipment, check for all the calibration certificates?

  • Whether the calibration schedule has been updated? Schedule has maintained as per frequency?

  • Where equipment has been calibrated as per schedule take two case studies and mention the calibration date and due date.

  • Whether tag system has applied for the equipment calibration? Is there followed for each equipment?

  • Where measuring equipment is shown to have an error how is the adjusted?

  • Whether calibration procedure available for internal calibration schedule?

  • Whether traceability system for master equipment has been established. Check for any two equipment.

  • Whether master instrument has been calibrated in the ISO – 17025 accredited laboratory?

  • Whether safe place has been allocated for keeping the spare instrument?

  • Whether people have been trained on calibration formally? Qualified engineer can perform task of the calibration.

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