Lean implementation plan

Lean implementation plan   Lean implementation plan is process planning that conducted to improve manufacturing efficiency by enhance productivity of resources in controlled cost.   Lean implementation plan is systematic process planning of manufacturing activities, supporting facilities, testing plan, floor management, procurement and consumption etc., processes are integrated lean planning are helps to improve the … Read more

Low efficiency operator monitoring

Low efficiency operator monitoring   Low efficiency operator monitoring analysis process conducted to identify cause affecting manpower to reducing efficiency in workplaces.   Low efficiency operator monitoring analysis process established to identification of sources of reasons that cause manpower efficiency low, and affecting manpower productivity during producing materials in workplaces that affecting directly productivity of … Read more

Lead monitoring sheet

Lead monitoring sheet   Manufacturing industry need some analysis to understand & tracking the system perfections of internal system and improvement for the same. Monitoring on any system and tracking each order given by customer are very important & after sales analysis of the each order is also very important to enhance services. Customer wise … Read more

Labor Productivity

Labor Productivity   Lean manufacturing / Lean management is the system to possible the management get advantage to reduce costing and increase its productivity, controlling on costing through labor productivity, controlling on process cost and others supporting process costing reducing is the part of lean manufacturing.   Labor productivity covered following material that possible to … Read more

Inventory Control Template

Inventory Control Template   Stock Inventory Control Template or Stock ledger format is used for monitoring & controlling on material are in storage area or inventory of the materials are maintained. Inventory stock controls are possible through all the transition are covered in single format, As you can see picture above, waste and level of … Read more

6S checklist points

6S Checklist points   Whether all unwanted material removed from work area? (Workshop / Office / Tool Room) All available dustbins are cleaned and kept at defined/marked place?, Identification no are best practice for the dustbins, if possible to sequence the identifications are gives advantage for the monitoring. All office floors / plant’s office floor … Read more

Delivery Deviation report

Delivery Deviation report   Delivery deviation is a real status of deliver material to customer against orders in percentage to identify real cause of delivery deviation & actions for the reduce deviation in delivery against planned at time order booking. in above picture you can see result column is for delivery % as result against … Read more

Material life register

Material life register Material life register is very important part of the storage department, some peoples are confused with material life and material shelf life, so let’s see what is material shelf life first. Shelf life is a duration of time of material to started from standard packing to consumption, its not expiry of the … Read more

Statistical Process Control Planning

Statistical Process Control Planning Statistical process Control (SPC) planning is unique technique for the maintain product’s variables to ensure the customer’s requirement that best quality product are going to deliver. Through statistical process controls that possible to control of product & process variations & deviations.   As above picture you can see that there are … Read more

Frequency Distribution Diagram

Frequency Distribution Diagram   Through statistically, a frequency distribution diagram is well structured more that two product parameter or variables taken for analysis to identify the variables’ boundaries, variations that is minimum & maximum level that support to identify the product’s parameter’s deviation through observe stage levels of the product, this variation & deviation of … Read more