Crane & lifting equipment safety inspection checklist

Crane & lifting equipment safety inspection checklist

Safety inspection checklist points for crane & lifting equipment

  1. Check the hook blocks are working properly and its place?

  2. Check if the Cain is attached, chain should be free of corrosion, each rings are properly with locked

  3. Check if the wire rope is attached, wire should not be sketched, unbroken twisted wire, unbends, free from corrosion, and not should be overlapped.

  4. End stopper should be properly set, working smoothly.

  5. Check the trolley should move smoothly, free from corrosions, well colored, check the visually any damage, cracks are evident?

  6. check the crane should not be too much noise, oil leakage or any extra ordinary behaviors of crane movement

  7. Foundations of the crane should not be unstable, broken or free from rust incase are metal structure.

  8.  Check pendent controls are properly working?

  9. Check for the emergency switches are properly works?

  10. Check on the electrical wire having covered by insulations?

  11. Check the hook springs are properly working conditions?

  12. Check the hook swivel free, it should be smoothly rounding.

  13. Check the hook any damage, bends are visually evident?

  14. Check the limit switch, travel limits / upper limits properly moves?

  15. Check the maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Cleaning inspection, lubrications and tightening done on periodic, its there any evidence with department?

  16. Lifting gears are working properly, gears are sufficient quantity oil, grease applied?

  17. Crane & lifting equipment’s work instructions are prepared? Peoples are trained for crane & lifting equipment used? Whether people are follows work instruction?

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