Safety inspection checklist points for RM

Safety inspection checklist points for Raw material storage area

Safety inspection checklist points for Raw material storage area

  • Are there any unwanted material lying on floor of raw material area, and same are at outside the gangway of processing manufacturing / material movement / storage area?

  • Do people wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)’s like safety Shoes, Hand gloves during process?

  • Is the material is stacked / stored at the specified height (Specified height should be required as per materials instruction by manufacturer / material safety data sheet) or more than that?

  • Are there any rotating equipment / rotating things without safety guard in machining area?

  • Is there any damage of Electrical appliances?

  •  Is there any loose wire or open connections within raw material storage area?

  • Is there any leakage of oil / grease coolant on floor?

  • Is the strength of slings / Ropes / any other supported material that used for material handling are sufficient? Records of Test certificate are available with department?

  • Is the condition of Rope / slings is satisfactory – Not too old OR damaged OR worn out? Are they periodically and jointly inspected with Maintenance Dept.? Or done by any external agency? Is there external agency provided certificate?

  • Is the Instructions for handling & Storage available? Are the same are followed?

  • Instruction of working with hazardous is there? Employees are following it or not?

  • Is Handling & disposal of Hazardous waste given to Authorized person?

  • Is crane or Lifts Examined once in last 6 months by authorized and competent agency? Evidence? Or as per laid down standards.

  • Are the loose metallic & plastic strips, plastic sheet and other packaging material are disposed off as per Standard?

  • Is entire area is clean without grease, Oil, chemical, Fumes, chemical Vapour? 

  • Is the material handling trolley is in good and safe working condition?

  • Is the material is Handled, stacked / stored / Preserved as per M.S.D.S. (Material safety data sheet)? Is a copy of M.S.D.S. (Material safety data sheet) available?  

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