Workshop tools material safety audit

Workshop tools material safety audit


  • Area cylinders stored upright and secured? Is there not should direct sun light or improper ventilation?

  • Is there fire extinguishers are deployed in cylinder storage area with correct type?

  • Are there pneumatic tools are free of cracks and damages?

  • Are there tools being properly oiled / lubricated to use?

  • Are the on hose couplings safety clips are used? Safety clips are fitted properly?

  • Where in welding bay storage area should only contain required material only, unnecessary material need to remove from it, is there maintain?

  • Welding glasses / screens in good condition? Are there any scratches, poor visibility found?

  • Are hands tools are properly stored & are in order?

  • Whether safety guards are deployed?

  • Are the lifting equipment’s chains and slings in working conditions? Is there any damage evident? Lifting gears are properly works and tagged? Jacks, stands are in good condition?

  • Area there peoples are aware of the safety for the tools material handling and storage?

  • All the training records for maintain & used of the tools materials are available?

  • Workshop tools materials maximum, minimum and re-order levels are maintained?

  • What are the criteria for the lifting materials? How much weight lifting by human is permit?

Workshop tools material safety audit

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