Predictive maintenance Checklist

The predictive maintenance checklist is document, may help to ensure the all the predictive activities are conducts accurately. As well maintenance process effectively performing in the system.

Overview to predictive maintenance checklist

Predictive maintenance is the real time and real place maintenance activity.  That is very cost effective, time saving and effective maintenance system. This maintenance system can possible for the use in real time system. When the all equipment, machinery and parts are fully utilizing and under control.

Even more, information, records & possible crisis, shelf life of the machinery, equipment’s parts, running time of machinery. Equipment, depreciation and understanding of the maintenance peoples for the communication of the operators and equipment users.

Where to use this checklist?

There are also way to monitoring for the predictive maintain through checklist, some basic key indicators are follow, measured and monitoring through possible to understand that which machine, equipment are need the maintenance.

In short time or nearest future, reason that any machinery or equipment are not possible to suddenly breaking out. If the right monitoring system are used by maintenance that possible to predictive maintenance work.

For the checkout the and collect of information through predictive maintenance checklist, some example field that monitoring and checking out the information at visually or screen printed parameters at plant as below:

  1. Location / Area
  2. Equipment
  3. Parameters – Acceptable ( planned or requirements of the product)  / measured (Real measured parameter )


Predictive maintenance checklist format & template

Predictive maintenance Checklist





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