Internal Audit Checklist for Maintenance Department

QMS : internal audit report General Questionnaire

Internal Audit Checklist for Maintenance Department

Internal Audit Checklist for Maintenance Department
Internal Audit Checklist for Electrical Maintenance Department Audit
Internal Audit Checklist for Mechanical Maintenance Department Audit
1 Is List of machines equipment maintained?Does it include all machines/equipments in unit? 
2  Is preventive maintenance schedule of each type of; machine available?Are activities carried out as per schedule?Are record maintained including problems observed / repairing done etc. during PM? 
3 In case of breakdown are those intimated from production to maintenance?Are timely actions initiated against this noted breakdown?Are records maintained? 
4  In Predictive maintenance what is the methodology applied to machines/equipments?How is it monitored? 
5  Is break down trend(% down time )Prepared /monitored? 
6  Is it analyzed to find out repetitive problems? Are actions initiated against any of these repetitive problems? Are actions effective? 
7  Is concept of machine maintenance reliability & maintainability understood?How is reliability calculated?Are trends satisfactory? If not are actions instituted to improve the same? Are actions effective? 
8  Does maintenance department ensure availability of key replacement parts so as ;to ensure no stoppages due to unavailabilityOf spares? 
9  Are sufficient fire extinguishers provided in plant?Are those periodically verified for appropriateness? 
 10  Is statutory testing of all lifting device & carried out annually? Do the results indicate continuing suitability? 


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