Life safety system in organization

Life safety system in organization   Life safety system establishment required ensuring the life safety of organization’s employee & visitors utilize its facility at various workplaces of organization.   Life safety system is management system part that establishment needs to managing safety in organization to deployment of procedures, guidelines, instructions and other media to ensure … Read more

Machine guarding – Safety requirements

Machine guarding – Safety requirements    To prevent incidents during working on machine and equipment, needs to installation of machine guards at each rotating parts is basic safety requirements of health and safety system.   The OSHA (Occupational safety and heath administration) required guarding for each machine and equipment at rotating and transverse parts or … Read more

First aid box replenishment process

First aid box replenishment process   First aid box replenishment process is conducted for manage first aid box located at various locations for provided first aid treatment to peoples working around.   First aid box replenishment process is established and conducted for manage each first aid box located at various locations at various workplaces for … Read more

Safety Lock out / Tag out Process for Maintenance task

Safety Lock out / Tag out Process for Maintenance task   Safety lockout / tag out process implement to control potential hazardous stuff released by energy sources during serving & maintenance of equipment.   Safety lock out / tag out program or procedures are established, maintain and updated to control the energy or released of … Read more

Daily safety inspection form

Daily safety inspection form   To maintain safety in workplace, daily safety inspection is necessary by inspect each employee’s personal protective equipment and safety equipment which is used during the operations i.e. manufacturing process. According to health & safety and as per government requirements each person should be fully equipped by personal protective equipment during … Read more

Hot work permit

Hot work permit   A permit to containing a checklist of items to be measured & granting permission to perform specifically intended works in workplace.   Hot work permit is permit format that involved checklist of the items to indicating the requirements of the safety in work place, requirements of the individual safety which personnel … Read more

Safety Compliance checklist

Safety Compliance checklist The process is a safety compliance performed to verify compliance of all applicable and specified area as per standard methods and applicable clauses of internal management system. The system established to ensure safe design, manufacturing and implementation to provide safe work environment to all employees, and the safety compliance checklist / audit … Read more

OHS Induction checklist

OHS Induction checklist To identify condition of department, preparedness of emergency, health and safety, training program and awareness of ohs role in company’s daily activities in working environment. All personnel recruited / transferred with the department to department or organization are to be trained in the use and objectives of the OHS / OSHA that … Read more

Emergency lighting maintenance log book

Emergency lighting maintenance log book   According to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 (environment health and safety) international standards requirements, emergency preparedness required to control on any situation in the company. Emergency lighting is one of the most important for in case any emergency happen in night shift that emergency lighting should be automatically start … Read more

EHS Internal Audit

EHS Internal Audit: Environment Health & Safety (ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001)   EHS – Environment health and safety is integrated management system that according to international standards ISO 14001 (The International Organization for standardization) & OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series / System) helps to maintain consent requirements of government laws, regulatory … Read more