EHS Internal Audit

EHS Internal Audit: Environment Health & Safety (ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001)   EHS – Environment health and safety is integrated management system that according to international standards ISO 14001 (The International Organization for standardization) & OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series / System) helps to maintain consent requirements of government laws, regulatory … Read more

Environment health and Safety Audit Plan

Environment health and Safety Audit Plan   Construction Works / Layout Management / Project Planning Construction  Layout check points  Employee facility & Welfare Supply of air in Rooms / Work stations / Colonies Water management Equipment planning Electrical Works Natural Fuel Resources / Fuel Resources Machinery Planning Process equipment maintenance Solid waste  / Liquid waste … Read more

Work Environment Planning Audit Checklist

Work Environment Planning Audit Checklist What is structural management planning for work environment planning? How is this organized?  What is prime factor to be affects planning? Name of the Project currently on going on in the work environment. Which project is recently finished? Name of the project? Check for newly completed project. Is there qualified … Read more

External Audit Compliance Register

External Audit Compliance Register   Third party audit agency or external auditors are visit for the company every year for the audit of internal system as per international standard which audit had company requested, as per requirements of the international standards clause and requirements external auditor are perform audit to find out non conformity as … Read more

Fire alarm system checklist

Fire alarm system checklist At time of emergency fire alarm is played pivot role to declare emergency in company, if the alarm system is not working properly than possible to emergency level can increase and same will be fetal human accidents, financial losses due to emergency. Fire alarm is primary requirements for the emergency situation … Read more

Inspection Checklist Record

Inspection Checklist Record   Environment health and safety system is unique system for the industry that possible to strictly maintain the requirements of the health and safety as well as environment within the company premises which is also requirements of the government lows and factory acts of the state government. For the maintaining the environment … Read more

Internal Audit Plan ISO 22000

Internal Audit Plan ISO 22000   Any organization that following any international standard like ISO 22000 – food safety management system that required timely internal audit through qualified auditor and same once in year by third party which is approved for the certification and audit authority. Internal audit requirement’s primary requirement is planning of the … Read more

Hazard analysis and critical control points for food product

Hazard analysis and critical control points for food product HACCP ( hazard Analysis and critical control points) process is used in food industry for the control measure, controlling on process requirements of the part that critical identified as hazard, reason of this process is the controlling on the hazards in process and in process used … Read more

Facility Inspection

Facility Inspection   Are the drivers licensed?                                                                                               Have the daily inspections been done properly?                                                 Are the trailers properly chocked?                                                                                Are the trailers in safe condition to use?                                                             Are the containers and racks in safe condition?  Are there any conditions that a potential slip, trip or fall could occur?                 Are leaks / spills contained properly?                                        Are … Read more

Emergency drill audit

Emergency drill audit   When organization working environment and its process and procedures are very huge and heavy equipment, hazardous chemicals are used to possible emergency that emergency drills are necessary to preparation to eliminate emergency in organization. Organization are prepared the emergency plans / emergency response plan for the save human life and property … Read more