Machine Adjustment Form

Machine Adjustment Form   An organization, machinery / equipment is primary requirements of the any manufacturing unit that need to timely inspection and its required parameters are checking and adjustment required to ensure the products quality  and parameters are maintained.   Machinery / equipment parameter adjustment form is the requirements of the production people that … Read more

Electrical Audit checklist

Electrical Audit checklist Whether the preventive maintenance schedule for electrical equipment / machinery for current year? Is there schedules are maintained? How the schedules are covered department wise / machine wise maintenance? How many transformers are in company? Is the checked daily one by one? How many generators are installed in company? How frequency of … Read more

Machine breakdown Report Format

Machine breakdown Report Format Machines is heart of manufacturing unit that is the reason manufacturer owners are always take care of the machine and its activities same as maintenance department also taken care of machine to avoid breakdowns, but there are also some reasons that machine breakdowns are happen in units as below: No Material … Read more

Equipment maintenance record

Equipment maintenance record   At any location of laboratory having a trouble in equipment / instruments, failed maintenance department / owner of equipment are fill this format for the record to enable further analysis of damage of equipment. This format having complete information about equipment / instrument, failure details and further analysis on depends on … Read more

Electric motors record sheet

Electric motors record sheet Electrical department are well aware of the electrical motors is very important part of the machine / equipment that need to cleaning lubrication inspection and tightening frequently time defined in preventive maintenance schedule of motors. Machine wise electric motors record list, history and all concern details are recording by the electrical … Read more

Preventive Action Request

Preventive Action Request Most of the industrial people are change or replace part after damage happen with machine or machine’s part, but the preventive actions are mostly not happens due to not awareness of the preventive action and ungrateful find the root cause of the damage of the parts.   Preventive action request note can … Read more

Overall equipment efficiency – OEE

Overall equipment efficiency (OEE) of Machine/ Equipment   Machinery are runs in twenty four hours by seven that efficiency should be need to records, machines are run with full utilities or just organizations are bearing losses with machine that need to continuously breakdowns, over heating & others troubles are having with machinery. Equipments that used … Read more

Over head Crane Break down Cost Analysis

Over head Crane Break down Cost Analysis Analysis of the overhead crane is important as same as breakdown time analysis, costing of the breakdowns are reflect the financial & men hours. Find out each crane costing for the future budget & support to preventive maintenance for the chip the costing at each crane as well … Read more

Over head Crane Breakdown Analysis

Over head Crane Breakdown Analysis   Cranes is critical equipment for plant that all the works can shutdown on break down of cranes. All the works are depended on cranes are very important works are assigned by operating of each activity in plant area, that is the reason that maintenance department are well aware of … Read more

Maintainability & Reliability Calculation Sheet

Maintainability & Reliability Calculation Sheet Controlling on “06 M” for the management is most important M is Machine, Productivity, Profits & company finance are depends on machinery that installed over plant, that is the reason management are focus on machine & its operator for the gives accurately performance over the year. Conducting the machine’s cleaning … Read more