5S Implementation Chart

5S Implementation Chart

5S implementation chart template
5S implementation chart template

Departmental 5S, Zone wise 5S is best technique to implementation, individual implementation 5S gives advantage to focus on the area that can possible to skip during the implementation, 5S implementation chart is a time chart for the tracks records of implementation are done during the limited time frame.


5S implementation chart of time frame of 5S implementation takes the note of the whole activities during operations are taken by zone leaders & sub Leaders. Implementation of 5S are depends on base training are given during the time frames schedule on starting of the 5S implementations. In case of the leakage in training can fall the chart time frame are maintained by other leaders, zone leaders and sub leaders, department leaders, area leaders whatever defined in chart that each leader having its individual responsibility for the implementation of 5S activities within it area.


5S implementation is the heart bit cycle system that all the activities are includes in frame for the further requirements. In above picture you can see there are three major colors are used for the different activities.

  1. Green that show the Time slab for the training are given to foundation of the 5S, if you want to needs a perfections, sharpness in work you have to makes the huge time frame for trainings.
  2. Yellow color is indicating the preparation times you had allocated to the entire department for the implementation each stage of the 5S. Individual departments are implementing 5S in its department.
  3. Blue indicates re-audit required in case of any leakage found in 5S implementation, re-audit conduct for check the real status of the 5S implementation.


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