Process safety Management checklist

Process safety Management checklist


Process safety is base requirements of the manufacturing unit, at time of the project design, project team are consider requirement of safety and concern of the product and product realization, process validation and re validation of process are safety must covered in manufacturing processes. Processes and its procedures are also having the view of safety of workmen, employee.


For the serious requirement of the manufacturing unit concern process, here some sample points are given for the inspection / audit people can used as checklist point for to ensure the process are covered the safety and its concern requirements:


  1. Is there hazardous categorized listed chemical are used in the process? Chemicals used in the process and their maximum inventory listed?

  2. Are there MSDS(Material safety data sheet) readily available on all chemicals

  3. Written information, diagrams, and original equipment manuals collected on process equipment and intermediates?

  4. Management policy prepared and communicated that all incidents will be formally investigated?

  5. Analysis team understands methodology to be used in the process hazard analysis adapted to the facility?

  6. Management has consulted with employees or their representative in developing a program?

  7. Operating practices reviewed, consistent with known hazards of the chemicals in the process?

  8. Target for training sessions detailed in writing in clear terms?

  9. Hands-on training provided at simulator?

  10. Training sessions documented?

  11. Screening process developed to hire safe-operating contractors?

  12. Contractor and personnel advised of known hazards at facility?

  13. Emergency action plan reviewed with contractor personnel?

  14. Hazards involved in non routine work communicated to operators and to maintenance personnel?

  15. Work authorization permit system in effect outlining approvals required doing the job?

  16. Written instructions and training developed for emergency evacuation plans?

  17. Disabled employees identified; they will receive assistance to evacuate to a safe zone?

  18. Facility emergency control center established in a safe zone at the facility?

  19. Compliance with the OSHA standard audited by a trained team?

  20. In the last OSHA internal audit, process concern non conformity, opportunity for improvement query is raised? If raised than what actions are taken? Is there any evidence?

Process safety Management checklist



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