Sequence and interaction of processes

Sequence and interaction of processes

 sequence and interaction of processes format

This is the method to each processes series & their interfaces through controls on output for maintain measurable objectives.


Sequence and interaction of process through can easier to understand linkage & controlling methods of each process & department activities. For the better explanation, here are given required field wise sample data for the marketing department as sample data with sequence and their interaction, see example as below:


  1. Key Process : Marketing
  2. Process Owner: Director Marketing
  3. Purpose of the Process: to ensure market growth and retain customers
  4. Input: Inquiries from customers, tenders, market survey, and purchase order from customers, plant capacity and capability from production department, customer feedbacks, and customers complains, exhibitions and magazines and business reports.
  5. Key Activity: Inquiry handling, Determination and review of customer requirements, Monitoring dispatch activities, Handling of customer complaints handling.
  6. Outputs :
    1. Communication of customer requirements / amendments to production departments.
    2. Communication of customer complains and feedback to concerned departments.
    3. Fulfillment of customer requirements
    4. Communication of corrective / preventive action taken on the basic of customer feedback / complains to customers.
  7.  Controls: Monitoring of production dispatch functions, lost inquiries
  8. Measurable objectives: to achieve customer satisfaction to the level of 98% for key customer by Jan 2015.


To see the above format sample data, you can now easily fill up the all required department data to controls & maintain system on track of each department. All above data is very important to measurable objective achievement, objective achievements is not a medal or certificate that enhance credit, but indirectly financial profit are included when any objective achieve the target of re-target situation.

In processes troubles / problems and challenges are possible to eliminate if the concern data are available with department people or management, for the steps of corrective action are possible if the data collection / data analysis and actions are taken should be inline with the fair troubles.


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